Advertising Policy

Everything on the Consumer Rescue site is free for our readers — including our direct consumer mediation service.

We make most of our revenue via display ads on our site, which are served through Google Adsense and third-party merchants (Learn about internet cookies and how they are used here). These ads are meant to be aligned with our readers’ interests and be as unobtrusive as possible. Each ad is marked as an advertisement.

Please only click on an advertisement on the site if you are actually interested in learning more about the product or service.

We have personalized our ads on this site to reflect what we believe are our audience’s interests. However, from time to time, a vendor might circumvent our requests and place an advertisement that readers (and our team) find objectionable. If you find an ad offensive, please send your complaint to our publisher, Michelle Couch-Friedman, to request that we consider it for removal.

*If you represent a company that would like to purchase advertising space on the Consumer Rescue site or newsletter, please contact Michelle for additional information.

Affiliate Relationships

We occasionally link to products or services which are affiliate companies. That means we receive a small commission if you click on the link and make a purchase. The company pays that commission, and it comes at no cost to you, the consumer. The affiliate links on this site are identified on the page where they are located. It’s important to note that we carefully select any product or service that we link to in our content and will only promote items that we recommend through personal experience.

We want our audience to know that we will never link to anything that doesn’t align with our values and purpose here at Consumer Rescue. And, of course, these affiliate links will not interfere with or bias our reporting or consumer advocacy. We consider each consumer’s request for help on its merits and the terms and conditions of the company involved. Whether or not a company is an affiliate or an advertiser on this site will have no bearing on our team’s advocacy.