Just Ask Meera: Your executive customer service contact finder.

Meera Sundram, Researcher at Consumer Rescue

Meera is Your Research Valet at Consumer Rescue. She is the lady to reach out to when you need to find a real person inside a company who can help you solve your consumer problem. Meera is the former research director for Elliott Advocacy, where she loved to find customer service and executive contacts for the consumers who contacted her.

Use the form on this page if you’re trying to fix your own problem and need an executive customer service contact. You tell us the company you’re battling, and we’ll tell you where to send your complaint so it gets reviewed by a real person.

Note: If you’ve already tried unsuccessfully to correct the issue and need Consumer Rescue’s direct mediation service, please use this form instead to submit your request to our advocacy team.

(You can read more about Consumer Rescue here.)

**This form is solely for consumers to request customer service contacts. Note: Consumer Rescue does not accept guest posts or participate in link-building/exchange schemes. We are also not in search of unsolicited marketers, SEO/IT assistance, or AI products.