Travel agent mistake cancels NCL cruise, NCL refund missing

Our travel agent canceled our NCL cruise by mistake and then quit! Now what?

What happens if your travel agent cancels your cruise by mistake and then quits his job? Unfortunately, NCL passenger Margaret Prendergast knows very well — you can quickly lose thousands of your hard-earned dollars.

Margaret had been patiently waiting for Norwegian Cruise Line to process a refund for a cruise it canceled. But because her agent erroneously canceled her cruise several days before the cruise line, it’s a $5,587 refund NCL never intended to send.

Here's how to get a refund from Air Canada and here's one passenger who got two refunds!

If Air Canada sent you an extra $4,282 refund, would you keep it?

Scoring an Air Canada refund during the pandemic was nearly impossible. Which makes this story particularly improbable. But it’s true.

Renette Frank was one of the lucky ones who actually received her Air Canada refund early last year. So imagine her surprise when the airline sent her an extra refund of $4,282. Even more surprising: When she tried to return the extra money, the airline made that impossible, too.

The ultimate guide to TSA Precheck, Global Entry, and CLEAR. Trusted traveler programs information.

TSA Precheck, Global Entry, and CLEAR: Here’s everything you need to know

Whether a frequent or occasional traveler, you can benefit from expedited services that reduce your wait time at security or customs and immigration. There are three distinctly different programs that complement one another — Global Entry, TSA PreCheck, and CLEAR.

Here’s everything you need to know about these programs so you can decide which is right for you.

Hotel News, guests charged in Arizona hotel for embarrassing reason, embarrassing hotel charges.

I was charged $750 for this embarrassing hotel experience. Can you help?

Elisa Boyd says her experience at a hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona, has been the most embarrassing of her life. This story begins with two friends on a relaxing desert getaway. But it ends with a mortifying accusation by W Hotel employees and a giant post-stay credit card charge.

Now Elisa wants her name cleared and her money returned.

Elisa’s experience is one more to add to the file of hotel guests blindsided by unexpected and dubious post-stay fees. And it serves as a reminder to make sure to leave your room in the same condition you found it. Otherwise, you might find yourself with hefty and embarrassing charges on your hotel bill — and no way to defend yourself.

Consumer alert, gas station card skimmers warning, don't use debit card at gas station.

How did a gas station skimmer drain my prepaid debit card balance?

Danger could be lurking at the pumps of your local gas station in the form of a tiny card skimmer. These small, almost invisible devices quickly retrieve and store all of your card’s information as you make your payment. Then the “owner” of this illegal apparatus uses that data to extract whatever funds he can from your account. 

Sylvia Powers wishes someone had warned her about gas station skimmers before she swiped her prepaid American Express Bluebird debit card at the pumps. Unfortunately, her education on the topic came in the most unpleasant way – after a skimming device drained all her money from her Bluebird card. But she assumed that American Express would protect her against this fraud.

She assumed wrong.

SSSS stamp on boarding pass meaning, How do passengers get selected for the SSSS stamp?

Help! What does this SSSS stamp mean on my boarding pass?

SSSS — behold the four letters that you don’t ever want to see on your boarding pass. If you find the Secondary Security Screening Selection — SSSS stamp on your ticket, you should know that the TSA agents will be treating you to an extra-special and in-depth security screening.

Lucky you! But what does it mean and what can you do to avoid it?

American Airlines stolen miles, frequent flyer miles hacker, American Airlines hacked account

How can I get my stolen American Airlines miles back?!

Bonnie Orlin doesn’t know the two people who used her stolen American Airlines miles to travel around the world. But, she says, the airline promised to restore the hacked miles to her account.  However, nearly a year later, her 120,000 miles are still missing. 

Is this case hopeless?

An all-inclusive resort without anything included? Can Consumer Rescue fix this problem?

Help! Why is my all-inclusive resort missing the most important part?

Sara Hernadez recently found something critical missing from the all-inclusive resort she booked on Priceline: the inclusive part. After booking the Sheraton Buganvilias All-Inclusive Resort in Puerto Vallarta, she received a confirmation for the Sheraton Buganvilias Convention Center. Her rate included a room — but nothing more.

Now Sara wants Priceline to confirm her reservation for an all-inclusive vacation, as advertised. So why is the company blaming the problem on her?

Couple removed from cruise in Korea, Holland America refuses refund request.

This is how to get removed from your cruise with no refund included

If you get involuntarily removed from a cruise halfway around the world, does the cruise line owe you compensation?

William Coats believes so. Holland America booted him and his wife from the Westerdam in Korea just days into their 14-day cruise. As a result, they’re out thousands of dollars and he wants the cruise line to pay.